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Genital Warts Treatment Are Genital Warts affecting you and your relationships?

What is a good Genital Warts treatment is a question on many of our minds. I’ve heard these horrible stories about genital warts cures such as surgery and painful laser removal and some other thing called cryotherapy?

In my research, I’ve come across various alternate treatments available that will provide relief to the symptoms of genital warts, but note that none of these genital warts treatment that have been formally approved so far. The level of success you will have with alternate treatments will vary from person to person and I look forward to hearing from you if you have had success.

I’m Jane, I’m 34, a professional photographer living in Connecticut. I don’t want to get involved with the details, costs and embarrassment of these elaborate procedures to get rid of genital warts. All I’m looking for is a reliable solution that will provide me relief from these irritating symptoms (itching, scarring, burning, pain etc etc..) from the privacy of my home.

Early last year I found this small growth on my body and didn’t know what it was. Not too keen to discuss this with friends or family, I quickly looked it up online and came to a conclusion that this was most likely a wart or even perhaps a genital wart? I’m not sure what your experience is, but I’ve had a tough time trying to find clear information on what exactly a genital wart is, how it differs from regular warts and if there was a treatment available to get rid of these warts. While going through the enormous amount of information there is available, I’ve found there are quite a few alternate treatments available on the internet.

There was a natural solution I came across that provides relief against the symptoms of warts. Brenda, a contributor to my site, was kind enough to track and report how it worked for her and has provided a great insight into how homeopathy can help you control symptoms of your warts.

Information on warts is very ambigous and not very practical – The most common line I found was – “Warts are a highly contagious disease which is caused due to the Human Papilloma virus. These warts usually look like clusters of growths on the surface of the skin and can appear anywhere on the body.”

That’s all very well, but still doesn’t answer my question. You’ll be surprised at the amount of junk information there is online and yet no straight answers. What are these things I’ve found on my body and how do I find a cure for my warts?

And so, I decided to start this blog to share my learning and I invite you to please share your experiences so that other people with this rather embarrassing condition will have access to both our experiences and successes in getting rid of these warts.

The problem with warts appears to be that in most cases the wart and its related symptoms can be removed, but not the infection that caused it. What this means is, while you might get rid of it for now, its going to come back again somewhere else. I’m not very happy with the idea of having to deal with this again and again. Given this scenario, homeopathy seemed like the natural way to attack it from the inside rather than scratch the surface of the problem.

Brenda is a big fan of homeopathic treatment and had very good success using Wartrol to control her symptoms of warts. She’s been using Wartrol for eight months now and has had significant relief from these symptoms and is very pleased with the results. She sent in this review a few days back. If you are on my mailing list, you might have already ready it. It is quite interesting as it administered through spraying the medicine under the tongue and it treats the infection from the inside. I’d rather use a medicine that attacks the root of the infection rather than something superficial that deals with it externally. << Read Brenda’s experience with Wartrol here.>> Thank you Brenda.

Some other modern genital warts treatment available are:

a.       Liquid Nitrogen: Can be painful and the wart may come back. Speak to a professional.

b.      Cryotherapy: You would need to check with your Dermatologist. A professional will have to examine the wart, take a sample for a lab test and then decide the best course of action.

c.       Laser Treatment: Can be extremely painful and quite expensive. It is said that it completely destroys the virus, but I don’t see how?

Then there are the natural treatments for warts that help control the symptoms caused by the warts. Available options are Dermatend and Wartrol (which Brenda reviewed).

Yesterday, Raymond in Delaware sent in this review of Dermatend with his experience of the product. Thanks for sharing this Raymond. The amount of detail you have gone into here will be incredibly helpful. << Read Raymond’s review of Dermatend here. >>


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11:45 PM

Emma Says:

I’ve been struggling my whole life with warts and I’m really inspired with Brendas Review. I really hope this is the answer. I’ve gone ahead and ordered a 6 month supply. I really hope this provides me relief from these symptoms I’ve been suffering with.

11:22 PM

Ken Says:

I saw this report on tv the other day and was amazed at the new possibilities created here. I am getting married next month so the timing couldn’t have been better!! thanks for the tip!

10:51 PM

Kathy Says:

Been looking for a site like this with this kind of elaborate information. Thanks for bringing this information out in a clear manner. Loved Brendas views on controlling warts symptoms. Really helps.

9:08 PM

Jane Says:

Yay! glad to see it’s helped and that my website is making a difference! good luck!

8:57 PM

Davis Says:

This stuff is amazing! My best friend Jessica used Dermatend and so quickly I found her missing an ugly mole.. i couldn’t believe it and had to do some research on my own which is how I found this news article. At the moment they’re offering free healing balm as well. Rayomond thanks for your elaborate Dermatend Review. Greatly appreciated.

6:27 PM

Amy Says:

Hey Jane, I’ve got myself some Dermatend. Thanks for this information and your efforts.

2:46 PM

Jane Says:

Good luck Ben. I hope it works as well for you as it did for Raymond. Did you read Raymonds Dermatend Review?

10:45 AM

Ben Says:

Thanks for this valuable information Jane. Appreciate the effort. Lot of useful information here.

9:04 AM

Michelle Says:

I tried freezing the warts last year. painful exercise. i’m now considering getting a natural medicine to provide relief from the warts. i’m going to try wartrol - i’ll come back in a few months and post my results.

6:21 AM

Mike Says:

6 month Wartrol ordered. Bring em on!!

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